Magnetic and TripleLift Form Native Advertising Partnership

magneticMarketing solution Magnetic is partnering with native advertising firm TripleLift to provide intent-driven native ads to its customers, leveraging its unique intent dataset to deliver relevant ads within premium channels across mobile and desktop.

TripleLifts native ad technology aims to help marketers tell engaging stories by transforming images and videos into compelling messages that match the unique look and feel of publisher content. It is one of the only native programmatic ad exchanges plugged into a DSP, enabling marketers to bid on in-feed native inventory in real-time.

“Brand and direct-response advertisers want to be able to reach the right people with relevant and seamless ad content,” said James Green, CEO of Magnetic. “By partnering with TripleLift, our clients will be able to use our browse and search intent data to deliver real-time, native ads. The more relevant ads are to people, the better their online experience will be as they read and engage with content across their devices.”

“Intent-driven native advertising allows marketers to create an extremely meaningful relationship between consumers and the content they engage with,” said Ari Lewine, co-founder of TripleLift. “Through the use of proprietary computer vision technology, TripleLifts platform automates multiple creative builds that match the look and feel of each individual site. When you marry our technology with Magnetics intent data and programmatic buying platform, native becomes more scaleable and relevant than ever before.”