Making Your App Stand Out with REPLUG and Alternative App Stores

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By Jovana Stanković, marketing manager at REPLUG

In the world of apps, getting noticed is a big deal. There are so many apps out there that it can be tough to make yours stand out. Alternative app stores are a cool option, and we at REPLUG are here to help you explore this path. 

Our expertise in mobile OEM marketing means we can show you how to reach new people who might love your app in ways you might not have thought about before.

Why go beyond the usual app stores?

We all know the big app stores, but sometimes, they’re so packed with apps it’s hard to get noticed. There’s a big opportunity to grow by looking at other places, like alternative app stores, where your app can be a big fish in a smaller pond. This isn’t just about putting your app in new places; it’s about finding new people who will use and love it.

Growing your app’s audience

Imagine your app being strategically placed within key areas of a user’s phone, ensuring visibility from the moment they begin using their device. That’s what we can do with mobile OEM marketing.

We can get your app into spots like dynamic preloads, ads in app stores other than the big ones, and even on the phone’s lock screen. This way, more people see your app in alternative placements, making them more likely to try it.

Reaching out far and wide

With REPLUG, your app can reach over 1.5 billion devices (and growing) in over 80 countries. That’s a lot of potential users! And because we work with OEMs and carriers, we can help your app get noticed by a global audience in ways that regular app ads can’t match.

Breaking away from the crowd

Many apps rely on the same few ways to get noticed, meaning they’re all competing for the same space. There’s a smarter way to do things. Using mobile OEM marketing, your app can stand out and reach people in a new and different way. It’s a chance to be one of the first to try something new, getting your app ahead of the competition.

Finding the right people

One of the best things about this approach is how well you can target your ads. With REPLUG, the best app marketing agency for OEM marketing, you reach the people most likely to enjoy your app without being annoying or invasive. This means more people don’t just see your app but the right people. 

In addition, OEMs and Carriers have a wide range of targeting options that can lead to better results. 

Recap: alternative app stores

  • Wider reach: Reach new audiences outside the crowded spaces of Google Play and Apple’s App Store. It’s like discovering a new favorite spot that isn’t overrun by crowds.
  • Less competition: Stand out easier in a smaller pond, where your app can catch users’ attention without fighting through a sea of competitors.
  • Niche audiences: Connect directly with specific groups of users who are interested in what your app offers. It’s like finding the perfect crowd for precisely what you’re selling.
  • Unique promotions: Take advantage of different promotional tactics that aren’t available in bigger stores, helping your app get noticed by more people.
  • Better terms: Enjoy potentially more favorable financial terms, like keeping a larger portion of your sales revenue.
  • Global access: Reach users in regions where the major app stores might not dominate, opening up international doors for your app.

Using alternative app stores offers a strategic path to getting your app in front of users eager to discover it, potentially improving visibility and earnings in the process.

Let’s get started

Exploring alternative app stores with REPLUG means you’re not just throwing your app out there and hoping for the best. You’re taking a smart, targeted approach to find new users who will love what you’ve made. 

We’re excited to help you take this step and see your app grow in ways you didn’t think were possible. Reach out, and let’s chat about making your app a success in a new way.

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