Malaysian Startup Rodeo to Place Ad Screens in Uber Vehicles

Tyrone Stewart

RodeoOn-demand rideshare ad startup Rodeo is recruiting ridesharing drivers, from the likes of Uber and Grab, to place advertising in the headrest-mounted tablets within their vehicles in Malaysia.

According to Campaign Asia-Pacific, the Malaysian startup is launching the ‘first of its kind’ initiative with ridesharing drivers rather than taxi operators due to the ‘waning popularity of taxis among commuters’.

“In terms of reach, ride-sharing cars have a huge potential because the passengers are likely to be white-collar workers and yuppies,” Rodeo CEO Valens Subramanian told Campaign Asia-Pacific. “It’s the way to go since regular taxi drivers are also jumping ship to join ride-hailing. Taxi advertising will eventually be pushed further to the sideline.”

Valens told Campaign that recruitment of drivers was ongoing, with the venture expected to roll out by the end of January with 100 drivers. Rodeo aims to sign up 500 drivers every quarter.

Lenovo is onboard as the tablet sponsor, while Life Inspired is the content partner. Other partners are said to include Shell, BP Castrol and Touch ‘n Go.