Map the Worlds Public Art on Mobile with BigArtMob

BigArtMob, a project to map and categorise the transient art of the world’s streets, has finally gone mobile with the launch of iPhone and iPad apps.

Using your phones GPS, you can find public art nearby, map a route around your area, or just post up a new bit of graffiti thats gone up in your street.

This community driven public art project was set-up by Londoner Alfie Dennen. Speaking at MoMo Shoreditch last month, he said that said that his projects, like the Bus Tops project and Moblog, are about the gap between real and digital and the interplay between them.

On the MoMo discussion topic, whether mobile is an art or a science, Alfie questioned how you bring contemporary art to mobile phones and a) monetise it and b) make it interesting. He noted that a lot of existing art apps are all about ecommerce.

This BigArtMob project was originally created six years ago in support of Channel 4?s Big Art Project. There is a huge database of public art, including pieces that have since disappeared.