Marines Turn to Incentivated for Recruitment Campaign

The Royal Marines and the Central Office of Information (COI) have engaged mobile agency Incentivated
to develop and deliver an integrated mobile campaign as part of their
recruitment drive to coincide with the release of the latest Bond
movie, Quantum of Solace. The campaign, which combines SMS, a WAP
site and Bluetooth, delivers exclusive Royal Marines content repurposed
for mobile at cinemas nationwide.
Targeting adventure-hungry,
cinema-going 18 -25 year old men at the start of an important phase in
the Royal Marines recruitment cycle, an action-packed video message –
made for mobile – is delivered direct to the handsets of potential
recruits via Bluetooth. This demographic are hard to reach through
traditional media, says Incentivated, but mobile is central to the way
they communicate and organize their lives.
In addition to
delivering the video footage, the Bluecast also supplies a clickable
link, taking prospects direct to the Royal Marines recruitment WAP
site. Posters accompanying the campaign also carry an SMS call to
action, linking to the mobile Internet site. The site offers a range of
download opportunities for Royal Marines video and image content, but
is also designed to capture names and emails to subscribe potential
recruits to the regular Marines e-newsletter. The campaign was
supported by real Royal Marines in participating cinemas pointing users
to the various ways prospects could register their interest and keep in
contact with the force.
Our challenge was to harness the mobile
habits of this elusive target audience whilst respecting the
sensitivity of contacting under 16s with armed forces recruitment
messages, says Incentivated Managing Director, Jonathan Bass. The SMS
and WAP contact strategy achieves the goal, provides a clear audit
trail, but allows participants to receive tailored marketing messages
going forward. Using both Bluetooth and mobile display ads together in
one campaign allows us to compare and contrast these different
acquisition media; we all know they have different pros and cons.
view the Royal Marines WAP site, text MARINES to 62233. To view the
video on the mobile site, click the See Us in Action link.