Nintendo is bringing Mario Kart to smartphones

Tyrone Stewart

Mario KartFollowing in the footsteps of Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing, and Fire Emblem Heroes, the next Nintendo mobile game we can expect to see is Mario Kart.

Mario Kart Tour, which is currently in development, is set to arrive on Android and iOS devices at some point between now and March 2019. Other than that, Nintendo has revealed absolutely nothing else.

“The checkered flag has been raised and the finish line is near. A new mobile application is now in development: Mario Kart Tour,” said the company on Twitter.

Whether the game will be released before the reported Zelda game that is also in development is anybody’s guess, but we know that we can expect to see a couple of the company’s biggest titles on our devices sooner rather than later.

The news of Mario Kart Tour comes just a week after Nintendo made the decision to shut down its debut smartphone app Miitomo.