Market Guide for Augmented Reality

20160401-Gartner-AR-Report-800x600According to Gartner Research, 59 per cent of CMOs are already trying or piloting AR (Augmented Reality) programs.

AR bridges the widening gap between traditional communication channels and digital, through mobile. It leverages the benefits of both print and digital by driving customers to actionable digital funnels directly from brochures, statements, direct mail, and other print, just by scanning the items with a smartphone or tablet.

Read Gartners latest Market Guide for Augmented Reality, sponsored by HP Aurasma, for insights, market predictions, and recommended AR vendors.

Key findings from the report include:

  • AR isnt just a strategy within itself; its a set of technologies used to augment a users world view with contextual, relevant and actionable information
  • The AR solution provider market is new and highly fragmented due to the quickly changing technology. Gartners guidance can help you find a provider that will suit your needs
  • Business and consumer use cases are still being developed, and enterprise-focused solutions show the most potential for near-term sales

You can find out more, and get crucial recommendations on how to plan for the increasingly-specialised AR service market, by downloading Gartners research now.