Market Research Firms Not Catering for Mobile

Most market research firms are not catering for survey-takers who use smartphones or Tablets to complete surveys, according to the 8th Annual MR Software Survey from Confirmit, which provides Customer Experience, Employee Engagement and Market Research software.

62 per cent of respondents either do not have a policy for web surveys that land on mobile screens, or don’t modify surveys to be seen on small screens. Only one in seven   respondents adjust their online surveys to make them more appropriate for mobile devices, while 7 per cent of respondents exclude mobile respondents completely.

The survey is conducted annually by meaning ltd, a London-based independent research technology consultancy. It provides a snapshot of current usage, attitudes and predictions from practitioners, as well as identifying trends from a number of tracking questions that are asked repeatedly each year. The 2011 survey comprised a sample of 230 market research companies across the globe, with individuals who are responsible for, influential in or aware of technology decisions within their company. It explored four new topics: Handling unstructured text; ‘New MR’ methods; Smartphone usage on conventional online surveys; and Data Visualisation.

“According to research by Knotice, 28 per cent of all email is opened on a mobile device, but our survey shows that only 15 per cent of MR companies are actively ensuring that their surveys are adapted for mobile devices,” notes Pat Molloy, chief strategy officer at Confirmit. “These companies are showing a shocking complacency, and are losing out on potential respondents. This must be taken as a wakeup call to MR companies to start embracing the mobile world in their surveying strategies. ”

Confirmit says it expects to collect over 30m mobile surveys and 10m photos in 2012.