Marketing Trends: How To Ensure Your Brands Success in 2020

Every year in December and January an avalanche of trends, predictions and forecasts is released. Some of these will matter but many will not.

Which ones should you pay attention to, which ones should you act on?

Will 2020 be a year of incremental change or inflection? What technologies and trends will most impact brands, agencies and location marketers: voice/virtual assistants, reviews, localised social media, Google My Business, local SEO, zero-click search, real-time product inventory, personalisation, location data, privacy?

Uberall’s VP of market insights, Greg Sterling – a leading analyst and researcher in digital marketing and strategy – helps you untangle this myriad of 2020 predictions to make sense of the key local and martech developments that will define the year ahead (and beyond).

Check out the webinar and discover the digital marketing trends that will really matter to your brand in 2020!