Marvellous Rolls Out HTC Magic Wish Factory Campaign

Mobile agency Marvellous has created The Wish Factory, a digital platform for Vodafone HTC Magic that lets people make a wish about what their mobile could do and then turns the best one into reality. The campaign is running in The Netherlands, where the HTC Magic made its debut on Vodafone.
The Wish Factory aims to showcase the strengths of Vodafone HTC Magic without blinding consumers with the science behind Googles Android platform. The platform allows users to discover the capabilities of technology on their own terms by asking them what theyd like their mobile to do.
Rather than just creating a campaign to launch the product, we wanted to create an environment where fans of the HTC Magic can comment on and learn more about the handset capabilities, says Marvellous Founder and CEO, Jon Carney.
The Marvellous campaign extends out from a dedicated Wish Factory website to embrace social media, mobile, retail, outdoor and live events. It is supported by an in-banner game for the online advertising. A street event orchestrated by the Amsterdam office of Marvellous to mark the arrival of the first wish will takes place in August.
The consumer we are aiming to reach wants leading edge technology, but needs to discover and experience it on real terms, adds carney. Wish Factory amplifies the mission of benefitting peoples lives with life-enhancing services, not only by involving and engaging users, but by ultimately building the apps they desire.