EDMAs 2021

Massive Attack App Lets Fans Remix Tracks With Their Heartbeat

Alex Spencer

Massive AttackMassive Attack has launched an iOS app, Fantom, to promote its UK tour.

Fantom is a remix app with a difference. It takes as-yet unreleased tracks from Massive Attack's upcoming EP, and remixes them based on the user's current situation.

The app uses the time of day, location, motion and even the device's camera to generate a live mix. If the user owns an Apple Watch, Fantom can also pull in movement data and their heartbeat, to 'vary the harmonic and rhythmic cadences of the songs'.

Users can share 15-second clips of their mixes, along with the video footage used to mix the track, via Twitter, iMessage, email or Instagram.

The app is compatible with iPhone 5s and up.