Mastek Delivers McKinney Rogers Apps

Mastek, which provides vertically-focused enterprise technology and platforms to the to the telco, healthcare, insurance, government, and financial services sectors, has announced the completion of its iPhone and Blackberry Mission Leadership app project on behalf of global business execution consultancy, McKinney Rogers.

Mastek had been tasked with delivering iPhone and Blackberry apps, as well as offline apps with synchronisation, specifically designed to assist senior executives and enhance business intelligence across the organisation especially while they are in transit (usually, in-flight) and on location in areas where online connectivity may not be possible.

The technology has been designed with CEOs in mind, allowing board members and senior executives to drill down into to all aspects of their business-critical communication and information-sharing channels, in minute detail, across large global organisations. The apps will be used extensively by consultants and executives at McKinney Rogers, which is currently in the process of rolling out the apps to its client base. 

“Mastek was selected to deliver the project due to its flexible, cost-efficient and agile approach, as well as its cutting-edge app capabilities,” says McKinney Rogers CTO, Russ Thornton. “The project has proven to be very successful, and we have been able to quickly pass the solution on to some of our market-leading, global clients. This is testament to the value of the solution and its relevance to the global market as well as the speed of delivery from Mastek. We are delighted with the outcome.”