Mastercard and TV App Agency Offer Easy Smart TV Payments

The TV App Agency, a smart TV app creation company, has signed a deal with Mastercard to use its Datacash payment gateway for processing virtual goods payments across multiple devices.

Datacash’s payment gateway will be integrated into the agencys app engine, a platform for quickly creating smart TV apps, enabling brands and developers to offer standardised payment methods across different makes of TV, currencies and territories.

App payments can now be deployed across around 80 devices, including Samsung, LG, Phillips, Sony, Panasonic and OperaTV, as well as Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox, Google TV and other set-top boxes. Datacash supports 177 different currencies and 47 different types of payment, including Visa and Amex.

The companys co-founder Bruno Pereira said the next step is to move from enabling the sale of digital goods, like subscriptions and in-app purchases, to the sale of physical items like clothes.