MasterCard Rolls Out NFC App in Hungary

NFC technology company Cellum has combined with MasterCard to launch an NFC service in Hungary. 

The MasterCard Mobile application allows consumers to combine bankcard functions with their smartphone, and Cellum was appointed Trusted Service Manager (TSM) for the launch, which took place on Tuesday. 

There are three ways consumers can use the app to pay for goods and services, depending on the particular setup at the point-of-sale. Payment details can be sent to a handset by scanning a QR code, and the payment initiated from that point; payment details can be inputted on a vendor terminal and payment taken from the app; or payment details can be pushed to the phone from the vendor.

“In all cases, merchants are integrated, meaning that they shall be informed about the payment, once it is done, so that they can register the payment and/or release the goods/services to the customer,” says Dr. Janos Koka, chairman and CEO of Cellum Global. 

The goal for the service is to expand it to hundreds of web shops, bill issuers, money send services, and NFC card top ups, says Koka. Two out of the three major mobile operators in Hungary are on board, with discussions open with the third, and the MasterCard Mobile app is also supported by three web shops at launch as well as a the largest Hungarian telecoms operator, who will now print payment QR codes on all their invoices. 

Cellum says that its partnership with MasterCard means it can now take its technology to the world stage, and says that it is ready to take its solution outside Hungary. It is currently only available through MasterCard – Cellum says it is in discussion with MasterCard with regard to opening the service up to other card holders.