Unveiling insights at London’s Mobile & App Masterclass

Today [9 May 2024], marketers and industry experts gathered in London at The Future of Mobile’s Mobile & App Masterclass.

Hosted in person, the event created a platform for robust discussions, expert presentations, and invaluable networking opportunities, with some attendees from brands including Sky, Virgin Media O2 and Sony Pictures.

Other attendees included execs from Benefit Cosmetics, Skyscanner, New Look, Harrods, Marks and Spencer and Haven Holidays.

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What went on?

Yodel Mobile kicked off presentations with Founder and CEO, Mick Rigby and Senior ASO Manager, Nat Abell, discussing the strategies to influence Google and Apple’s algorithms. This was followed by a presentation from Director of Data Analysis Guild at AppsFlyer, Daniel Zilberberg, to discuss ‘measurement under the lack of identifiers’.

Digital Turbine RVP of Performance Sales, Duncan Blackett followed with a presentation on how Direct to Device Advertising can help build brands, with the final presentation from Mapp’s Principal Account Director of Global Retail and CPG, Josh Beale discussing how personalised mobile marketing maximises customer loyalty, using its client Pizza Express as an example.

Meet the keynote speaker

Following the roundtable discussions, Jenniffer Camacho, Head of Mobile Products at Nespresso took to the stage to discuss how the beverage company is crafting user-centric apps.

Speaking about the Mobile & App Masterclass, Yodel Mobile CEO and Founder, Mick Rigby, told Mobile Marketing Magazine: “I think it’s a great opportunity for us as an agency to meet brands and businesses that may not necessarily be aware of what the ecosystem is like.

“It’s a chance for them to see and learn new things, and for us to share some of our expertise in a friendly environment where they can ask the questions they really want to ask. Breaking down those barriers is an important part of these kinds of events.”

He continued: “Being here today means a lot of businesses requesting our services. Events like this are great from an outbound perspective, where we meet businesses that aren’t necessarily already on our radar or vice versa.

“These relationships can develop into client-agency relationships fairly quickly, or they could take years to come to fruition. But it’s just a good way of introducing the agency to businesses that may not know who we are.”

Thank you

A huge thank you from the whole Masterclassing and Mobile Marketing Magazine team and to all the speakers, guests and of course our sponsors Yodel Mobile, Appsflyer, Digital Turbine and Mapp.