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Matomy-owned mobile programmatic ad platform Mobfox launches private marketplace

Tyrone Stewart

MatomyMobile monetisation and mediation platform Mobfox, which is owned by global media company Matomy, has launched a premium private marketplace that will enable advertisers to acquire traffic from tailored audience packages.

The private marketplace combines first-party data from supply partners and data from Mobfox’s data partnerships to deliver segmentation.

“The market is transitioning from traditional RTB buying to data-driven media buying,” said Kumaran Sambandam, VP of Mobfox Exchange. “We're taking media buying to the next level by providing our partners with the ability to acquire audiences in customized deals across all formats, including video.”

Gil Klein, EVP at Matomy added: “We are excited to launch our new PMP offering which will enable our developers to offer their audiences’ profiles programmatically to buyers, at scale. Whether it’s a preferred deal or a private marketplace engagement, our demand partners will be able to bid for the audience segments and users with which they are looking to engage.”

Matomy acquired Mobfox for $17.6m (£10.9m at the time) back in 2014 with the intention of boosting its mobile activity. The move saw Mobfox’s executives and other key personnel join the Matomy team.