Maxifier Releases Ad Fraud Detection Solution

denise colella maxifier
Maxifier CEO, Denise Colella

Performance optimisation firm Maxifier has released a new ad fraud detection solution that enables marketers to detect fraudulent inventory as part of its buy-side optimisation platform, Admax Trade.

Click fraud from non-human sources costs the global ad industry up to $6.3bn (£4.27bn) a year in revenues, and is viewed as an increasingly important issue as marketers aim to harness the power of the data clicks also provide.

Maxifiers offering analyses campaign data using algorithms and identifies performance anomalies which signify the likelihood of fraud across multiple levels, including placements, sellers and publishers.

Using this data, Admax Trade users are able to generate reports that highlight sellers, identifying risk levels and the fraud potential in ad placements and encouraging transparency on all sides of the ad buying process.

Maxifier has plans for the next release that will automate the process, immediately suppressing sellers who are deemed to have a high risk of fraud and therefore eliminating the need for advertisers to manually check who they are buying from.

“As much as 30-40 percent of impressions are fraudulent, and advertisers are wasting millions of dollars serving ads to non-existant consumers,” said Denis Colella, CEO of Maxifier. “Our latest release is designed to help advertisers gain more transparency into fraud so that they can take positive action and have greater confidence about where their ads run.”