Maybelline New York campaign targets Roblox music community

Maybelline New York has launched a brand campaign on Roblox targeting the metaverse platform’s music community. Within its virtual world on Roblox, Maybelline offers virtual makeup looks, mini games, and exclusive music, creating an immersive experience that promotes self-expression, a core value of Maybelline New York.

The ‘Makeup Your Mix’ campaign, created in partnership with AI music and games agency, Splash, invites Roblox users to immerse themselves in captivating experiences, such as the Maybelline New York lounge and Graffiti Room. These virtual spaces enable users to unleash their creativity by experimenting with a wide range of Maybelline products. The campaign introduces six unique makeup looks, featuring popular Maybelline franchises such as SuperStay Vinyl Ink Lip and SuperStay Matte Ink Lip, as well as new innovations like Falsies Surreal Mascara and Color Tattoo Eye Stix.

The brand has also partnered with virtual DJ Kai to release her latest track, ‘Fantasy’. Users can take part in Kais listening party, and win a variety of Maybelline merchandise and clothing.

“As the leading makeup brand in the digital space, Maybelline is committed to providing consumers with new and exciting experiences that promote self-expression,” said Emily Arkells, Vice President of Digital for Maybelline New York. “Our partnership with Splash on Roblox allows us to seamlessly integrate our products into an interactive world. With a diverse range of virtual makeup looks created by talented makeup and 3D artists, users can now experiment with different styles and expressions within the virtual world of Roblox through the music game Splash. This collaboration perfectly aligns with Maybelline New Yorks core values of self-expression, play, and empowerment, making self-expression accessible to all, wherever they engage with our brand.”