mBanks Mobile Centred Branches Triple Sales

mbank light branchPolish mobile banking company mBank opened its Light Branches in November last year, aiming to combine the traditional idea of a bank branch with ultra-modern multi-touch screens, motion-sensing and face recognition technologies. Six months later, the firm is reporting that basic banking product sales have tripled in Light Branches compared to traditional high-street branches.

Over 90 per cent of visitors to the Light Branches have felt very positive about the new approach to banking, and the first Light Branch took around 60 per cent of all orders performed by mBank customers in the region.

The project is worth more than z?70m (£12.1m) and translates to increased client acquisition rates and savings of more than z?50m annually, thanks to cost-effective management and the ability to optimise operations based on traffic monitoring.

The scheme is part of a complex plan of redevelopment mBank has in place for its entire sales network that will unfold over the next few years, encompassing redesigned branches and advisory centres to support its mobile-focused products.