mBlox and O2 Host Mobile Banking Seminar

Mobile transaction network mBlox and mobile network operator O2 are to host a seminar for the financial sector: Mobile Banking: the 5th Channel to Customers. Aimed at decision-makers in banks and credit card companies across the UK, the event will demonstrate how SMS can benefit banks by enhancing customer service, reducing fraud and cutting overall communication costs. The seminar will take place at the Oval Cricket Ground in central London, on Tuesday 26 September, from 9am-1pm.
With over 90% mobile penetration rates in Europe, banks are increasingly looking to use SMS as a business communication tool. Mobile is rapidly becoming the fifth channel to reach customers, building on the banks existing channels, including branches, ATMs, Internet banking and phone banking. With over 51% of the UKs frequent Internet users interested in mobile banking services, there is a significant opportunity for banks to take up mobile banking to connect with their customers. SMS-enabled banking applications include account alerting, process alerting, financial services updates, fraud prevention and internal communications.
mBlox says attendees can expect detailed information on: the financial benefits of mobile banking; advice on how to ensure customers have the best possible experience of mobile banking;  and a case study from MasterCard that demonstrates how SMS can help cut fraud. Speakers include Andrew Bud, Executive Chairman of mBlox;  Daniel Winterbottom, Senior Research Analyst at Informa Telecoms and Media; Frans Glazener, Group Business Development Manager at LogicaCMG; Mark Gooding, Program Leader, Fraud Management at MasterCard Worldwide; Koray Turfan from Garanti Bank; and  Iain McCallum, Head of Interactive Messaging at O2 Products.
Financial institutions must recognise the rapid changes in consumer expectations as they become ever more mobile-centric, says mBlox Executive Chairman, Andrew Bud. Banks in the UK and internationally who were early adopters of mobile strategies are already cutting costs, reducing fraud and increasing revenue.  Seminar attendees will gain an insight into the many possibilities and benefits of mobile banking and SMS, and how they could fully incorporate this fifth channel to customers, directly from the companies that are leading the change.
To sign up for the event, click here or email maria.hudson@hotwirepr.com