mBlox Launches Free To End User Messaging

Mobile transaction network mBlox has announced the launch of its cross-operator Free to End User (FTEU) message service in the US. mBloxs FTEU service enables businesses to communicate with consumers using SMS text messages which are entirely free of operator charges to the consumer. Describing it as a ground-breaking business model for the US mobile messaging industry, mBlox says that FTEI will allow content and service providers to absorb the cost of the messages on behalf of the consumer.
The launch of a Free to End User service is significant, because it unlocks a host of compelling new applications for SMS messaging, says Brian Johnson, SVP Americas and APAC, Sales and Marketing for mBlox. This service has enormous potential for businesses to use SMS as another important tool to reach customers more effectively by changing the dynamics of messaging.
Most US mobile subscribers pay network operator charges to send and receive text messages, either on a pay-per-use basis or through a monthly message plan. Through the FTEU message service, mBlox says it is introducing the immediacy and intimacy of SMS to applications which have been dependent on other free-to-consumer channels, such as electronic or paper mail, for far less than the cost of a postage stamp. mBlox says the  initiative furthers its ongoing campaign to champion transparent pricing models for consumers.
Initially launching on T-Mobile and AT&T, with plans to roll out to other mobile operators, mBlox says the FTEU message service has been extensively trialled by numerous clients serving the financial and mobile marketing sectors.
FTEU text messages are already being used in customer support activities at some of Americas largest financial institutions, to inform customers of the status of credit applications, new account welcome messages and for after hours assistance. FTEU text messages are also used to alert customers of suspicious activity on their accounts, and for payment reminders.