MBlox Launches Partner Program

Mobile Transacation network mBlox has announced the launch of a Partner Program on the final day of the  3GSM World Congress today. The company also revealed that LogicaCMG has become the first systems integrator to partner with mBlox in the program.
There are three categories of partners: Systems Integrator Partners, Certified Solution Partners and Channel Development Partners. Systems Integrator Partners are companies with a global reach that offer large organisations tailored solutions for their large and complex mobile business needs.
Certified Solutions Partners are mobile application specialists that offer unique mobile solutions, tailored to the needs of clients and vertical industries within their geographical markets.
Channel Development Partners are resellers of mBloxs messaging and mobile billing services, providing smaller organisations with access to the same industry-leading technology and carrier-grade mobile transaction network as larger companies.
The Partner Program is designed to offer businesses mobile solutions, with a seamless technical integration to mBloxs carrier-grade mobile transaction network, delivering  a complete, reliable and global mobile business solution.
The program establishes, in advance, the contractual roles and responsibilities between mBlox and its partners. Businesses will have a single point of contact for the development of their mobile solutions but will benefit from the experience and expertise of mBlox and its partners.
Frans Glazener, Group Business Development Manager for LogicaCMG Wireless Enterprise Solutions said he was delighted that Logica had become the first Systems Integrator Partner for mBlox. 
LogicaCMG has the market reach and mobile technology expertise to bring great value to large corporations and other clients,” said Glazener. “Demand for mobile applications has been growing exponentially over the last two years. mBlox has proven many times that it is a partner that we can rely on to efficiently meet the delivery and billing demands of our high volume messaging applications, on a global basis. Our clients can be sure that their business is supported by a leading partner and that their traffic will be delivered and billed for, reliably, every time.”
For mBlox, CEO Jeff Clark said:
The development of the mBlox partner program is of strategic importance to mBlox.  By pairing with industry-leading partners like LogicaCMG, we are maintaining our core focus on the mobile transaction network, while ensuring that our network is accessible to a wider range of organizations. The Partner Program ensures that all businesses, large and small, across industries can leverage mBloxs mobile transaction network and benefit from the experience and expertise of our partner network.”
The mBlox Partner Program is currently rolling out in the UK, with further global expansion to follow in the coming months. For details on how to join the program or where to find an mBlox partner, click here.

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