McDonalds Embarks on 3-year Mobile Couponing Campaign

McDonald’s in Denmark has embarked on a nationwide mobile coupon campaign that is due to run for the next three years. 69 of the 84 McDonald’s restaurants in Denmark are taking part in the campaign, which aims to acquire members for the fast-food chain’s Student Club, which offers students special offers and savings.

The offers are exclusive to members and are only available via mobile web-based mobile coupons. The campaign has been running since the beginning of October and according to the firm powering the activity, ScreenTicket, the results so far have been impressive, with a 36 per cent redemption rate.

To get the offers, students text a keyword to receive a mobile coupon from ScreenTicket. The mobile coupon specifies the offer, location of the restaurant and timeframe for redeeming the coupon. Each offer is localized to an individual restaurant by the use of a specific keyword, in order to enable optimal planning and control of serving.

The coupon solution is easy for staff to handle thanks to an on-device verification feature Conversion rates and other metrics are accessed via the ScreenTicket web client.