McDonald's introduces mobile ordering to the UK – days after US

Tyrone Stewart

Days after revealing that it would be trialling mobile ordering in the US, McDonald’s has rolled out a similar test in the UK.

McDonald’s has kicked off its mobile order and pay service in the UK with 22 restaurants with the hope of eventually rolling the service out across the country by the close of the year.

To order, users select their nearest participating restaurant, choose their meal, enter their card detail to pay and then check-in at their selected restaurant by scanning one of the QR codes inside. Orders can only be collected inside restaurants and not in a McDonald’s drive-through as this is 'not currently supported'.

The catch is that the food does not start getting prepared until the customer checks-in, so they are still left waiting for their meal – rather than it being more of a ‘click and collect’ service. Saying that, BuzzFeed tried out the new service and found it be 40 seconds faster than order the old fashioned way.

Other than ordering, the app also offers nutrient and allergy information about the food on the McDonald’s menu.