McDonalds launches ‘Keep Up With The Times’ campaign focused on how it sources its food

McDonald’s has launched a campaign highlighting the small changes it’s made to the way it sources its food over the last 20 years.

The campaign, devised by Leo Burnett, launches with a ‘90s Teletext-inspired ad interrupting ad breaks across major networks during peak programming. The 30-second spot will take over screens across the UK, and will read: “We’ve been using 100% British and Irish beef since you were booking your holidays on here.” 

In addition to the Teletext takeover, two additional 30-second ‘Keep Up With The Times’ films will launch across TV and VOD. In both films, nostalgia is used to highlight the changes McDonald’s has made to the way it sources its food.

In addition to the films, there’s a retro-inspired media buy with old school digital banners popping up across the internet, ‘90s-themed out of home posters on sites across the UK, with content that plays to pop-culture references from the past across radio and social. A partnership with The Times brings back stories and front pages from past issues of the newspaper.

McDonald’s is also replicating its own website from the ‘90s to help tell its food quality journey from then until the present dayRetro trayliners and menu screen takeovers will also feature in restaurants across the UK. 

“McDonald’s has evolved a lot of the years, but not everyone has kept up with those changes,” said Hannah Pain, Head of Marketing – Brand Affinity, Trust & Family, at McDonald’s UK & Ireland.

“Our research showed that some people were still holding onto opinions of the brand that they’d formed 30 odd years ago. ’Keep Up With The Times’ is a fun and impactful campaign that uses nostalgia to talk to the nation about our long-standing commitments to food quality, channelling cultural references from the ‘90s to illustrate how long McDonald’s has used quality sourced ingredients.”