McDonald’s launches new social campaign ‘The Pre-Nug Agreement’

McDonald’s is inviting friends to promise to share McNuggets forever in a new social campaign titled ‘The Pre-Nug Agreement’.

In partnership with creative agency, Leo Burnett UK, the campaign encourages participation by inviting fans to sign their own Pre-Nug Agreement via a custom filter on the McDonald’s UK Instagram profile.

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The move is also supported by an advert, shot in the style of reality TV, which dramatises the run-up to signing the agreement.

The fast-food chain has also enlisted influencers and best friends Millie Court and Chloe Burrows to promote the new campaign.

The filter and film follow ‘leaked images’ this week where paparazzi-style shots of influencer Millie Court leaving what appears to be a legal office holding a pre-nuptial agreement, were featured on her social media channels.

Alongside influencer engagement, ‘The Pre-Nug Agreement’ will also include owned media activations including social cutdowns and stickers, as well as a nationwide discount on McNuggets to get the nation sharing and printed versions of the Pre-Nug Agreement on tray-liners in McDonald’s restaurants and in national press adverts.

McDonalds Marketing Director for the UK and Ireland, Matt Reischauer, said: “The eternal debate of whom to share your McNuggets with…it’s just become a part of our culture.

“The Pre-Nug Agreement acknowledges this and lets fans put their own sharing commitment in writing. I can’t wait to see where this goes. Although I am disappointed to learn via this press release that the team at Leo’s won’t be signing one with me.”

Leo Burnett UK, Executive Creative Directors, James Millers and Andrew Long, added: “When something is so delicious, that agreement to share needs a little officiation. It’s a complex issue – do you go 50/50? Who gets custody of the BBQ dip? Honestly, we’ve been creative partners for a long time and it’s still up in the air on whether we’ll share.”