McDonald's Pulls Happy Meal Activity Trackers Over Health Fears

Alex Spencer

mcdonalds step it fitness trackerYesterday, we reported on a McDonald's initiative offering basic activity trackers as the 'toy' in its Happy Meal kids' menu in the US and Canada, as part of an ongoing effort to create a healthier image for the fast-food brand.

However, after launching in at least one New York City restaurant, the Step-it trackers have already been withdrawn from circulation, over fears that they might cause skin irritation for the wearer.

McDonald's said it received 'limited reports' of potential skin problems caused by the Chinese-manufactured tracker bands, and has withdrawn them while it is "fully investigating this issue," according to a statement given by the brand to AP.

This isn't the only recent McDonald's promotion that sounded great on paper but encountered difficulties when it came into contact with humans. Last month, the brand had to pull its ‘Create Your Taste’ website in New Zealand after its design-your-own-burger tool was used to create a variety of derisive and offensive results.

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