McDonalds to Start Taking Orders Through UberEats in January

ubereatsMcDonald’s will start accepting digital orders through UberEats website or mobile app in January, according to CNBC.

The international fast food chain and Uber’s on-demand meal delivery service will join forces to give those craving a Happy Meal the opportunity to have it delivered to their door. For now, however, the trial is only available in 200 restaurants in Florida – specifically Orlando, Tampa and Miami.

McDonald’s has been pretty late to the party when it comes to mobile. It only launched its first app towards the end of 2015 but had been planning to enter mobile ordering as early as July of the same year.

It finally emerged last month that McDonald’s would be introducing mobile ordering and payment to its restaurants – with plans to roll out in 2017, starting in the US and expanding to Australia, Canada, France and the UK, eventually becoming available worldwide in 2018. These initial plans were slightly altered later in the month when reports out of Africa suggested McDonald’s would pilot its mobile payment in selected flagship restaurants in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.