McDonalds Turns Happy Meal Boxes into Happy Goggles VR Headsets

David Murphy

SPLIT_HIGH_RESMcDonald's is bringing Virtual Reality to the masses in Sweden with a Happy Meal box that doubles up as a Google Cardboard-style VR headset. The Happy Goggles headset works in tandem with a skiing game app called ‘se upp i backen’ (‘Watch out on the slopes) which launches tomorrow.

The game, developed in partnership with child psychologists Karl Eder and Fadi Lahdo, aims to help kids understand the need to be alert on the slopes and avoid obstacles - including other skiers. The game is officially endorsed by the Swedish alpine ski team. Why Sweden? It’s to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Happy Meal in the country.

“We want to continue being the best family restaurant in Sweden,” said McDonald's Sweden. marketing director, Jeff Jackett. “The Happy Meal is one of our most loved menus and therefore an appropriate platform for reaching out to our family customers through experiences that focus on play and learning. We believe that many people will enjoy the fun skiing game with the new Happy Goggles.”

McDonalds is the third retailer we know of to use Cardboard-style VR headsets in store, along with Virgin Holidays and John Lewis, both of whom picked up awards for their VR activities in our Effective Mobile Marketing Awards last year. No doubt there will be some misses along with the hits as brands work out what they can do with VR, but it’s great to see another big name getting involved.