McGuider Turns Your Phone Into a SatNav

Sygic, a navigation software company and Tele Atlas, which provides digital maps and dynamic content for navigation and location-based solutions, have introduced McGuider, a memory card that converts PDAs and Smartphones using Windows Mobile or Symbian systems into fully-functioning navigation devices. Devices pre-equipped with a GPS receiver can instantly add the new functionality with little need for user intervention. For other devices, the addition of a Bluetooth-enabled GPS detector achieves the same result, at suggested retail cost of 60.
The 2GB SD card carries comprehensive maps of all western European countries, including Scandinavia, and substantial coverage of Eastern Europe. Maps of Russia and North America are also available. Added to this is simple, intuitive, touchscreen operation of a slick navigation capability, based on the latest Sygic software, with bright, clear graphics, fast refresh and detailed guidance including lane assistance and dynamic signpost indications.
McGuider also alerts users crossing international borders and provides a quick briefing on the country they are entering, with practical information on subjects such as speed limits, currency and time zone. The system also has a huge range of POI information, reaching beyond the conventional lists of hotels and restaurants to include amusements parks and beaches, mountain peaks and tourist information centres in close to 70 categories. These can be located nearby or near specified locations while map browsing. The selected point can be navigated to by car, bicycle or on foot. Voice guidance is provided in 20 languages.
McGuider comes with micro to mini and SD adapters and is available from the Tele Atlas Online Shop and from retailers throughout Europe. McGuider navigation can be purchased separately or bundled with compatible phones. Information, including a compatible phone list, and lively graphic demonstrations with intrepid adventurer John McGuider can be found on the McGuider website.