me2me Launches Frisbee Pro 2.0

me2me, which supplies web and voice services, has launched Frisbee Pro 2.0, a digital dictation software solution, with workflow management and fully-integrated speech recognition. Frisbee Pro 2.0 is also fully compatible with Frisbee Smart, a new, professional, enterprise quality, digital dictation app for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.

Using Frisbee Smart users can record reports on the go and automatically add them to a typing queue – ideal for staff in environments where spoken text has to be transformed into structured documents, such as a lawyer’s office or a GP’s surgery. Users can stop, re-wind, fast-forward, overwrite or insert dictation at any point.

“Dictation apps are available, of course, but ours is the first that combines an enterprise leading professional standard service at (a) price point that opens up dictation services to the mass market,” says me2me CEO, Peter Hauser.

Frisbee Pro 2.0 runs alongside me2me’s traditional web and voice services to enable mobile network operators and service providers to retain their customers and attract new ones. The basic me2me service provides users with the ability to store and retrieve private information using their voice, through a phone call.