Mecom Publishing Hits 100 Apps Landmark

European consumer publishing company Mecom has announced that its Mecom Mobile Development Centre has now delivered over 100 scalable mobile applications for iPhone, Android, and iPad devices. 

The company publishes local and national news publications in the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, and Poland, and the apps give readers access to content on their devices, as well as tie-ins with social networks, classified advertising sites, sports events, music festivals, offers from Sweetdeal, and magazine content. 

The Mecom Mobile Development Centre (MMDC) was established as a central service for all Mecom divisions to leverage its technology strength, says the company. It is based in Copenhagen, and uses programming resources based in Kiev.

The company says that 80 per cent of the apps developed to date have been built using one framework for each category of app. This allows the company to deliver the same user experience and quality for each app, and achieves around a 75 per cent cost saving against individual app development.

Tom Toumazis, CEO of Mecom says: “Increasingly, we all expect to get all the news and content we want through our mobile devices, as well as by fixed-line broadband and by reading hard copies. Mecom is leveraging its technology strength through one mobile apps development function for all of Mecoms publications, providing a common user experience at much lower cost, with more speed and functionality than having individual development operations in each business … While helping to drive our digital advertising revenues and to widen and deepen usage of our ecommerce sites, these applications also help support our paid-for content.”