MediaBrix and Playdots Team for Rewarded Ads

two dots comboIn-app engagement firm MediaBrix has announced a partnership with mobile game developer Playdots to integrate brand advertising into the companys popular title Two Dots that enables players of the free version to access the full game experience.

The integration, which will go live in mid-April, aims to align with MediaBrixs priority of a premium user experience, as well as deliver an emotional brand connection to drive user receptivity and engagement. The company has previously worked with other popular apps including the Under Armour fitness suite and Kik.

“We are thrilled to welcome Two Dots to our diversified portfolio of app publishers, continuing to offer our brands new, high quality, engaging content to reach their consumers,” said Ari Brandt, CEO and co-founder of MediaBrix. “Two Dots has a huge, sophisticated audience that is highly coveted by Fortune 500 brands.

“Were excited to help them monetise in a way that enhances user experience and encourages game play with more access to content. That way, the brands, the publisher and the users all win.”

The Two Dots partnership will make use of MediaBrixs Rescue ad unit, which offers users contextual, premium in-app goods when they need them most, in exchange for engaging in brand messages, allowing users to get the full game experience from a freemium game without paying.

“Weve always been very selective in our search for advertising partners, and MediaBrix offers the best solutions when it comes to balancing app monetisation with respect for users,” said Paul Murphy, CEO of Playdots. “MediaBrix will be the key conduit bringing top brands into the Two Dots experience in a responsible and sustainable way.”