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Médiamétrie launches cross-device audience measurement tool

Tyrone Stewart

People phone laptop tabletFrench audience measurement company Médiamétrie has introduced a tool which enables audience to be measured natively via a single-sourced metered panel.

The Total Internet Audience measurement is based on the single-source metered panel of over 30,000 people aged two years and over. This also includes 4,000 online users with two or three devices and detailed audience results for each screen – computer, mobile, and tablet.

“The rise in number of screens and the growing percentage of mobile devices have multiplied the opportunity for contact with web content. Médiamétrie has pursued ongoing innovation to develop Internet Audience Measurement,” said Bertrand Krug, director of the internet department at Médiamétrie. “This year marked a turning point in the history of Internet Measurement in France, with the creation of an innovative measurement based on a single panel of nearly 30,000 web users, ages 2 and older. All web browsing done on the top 5,000 sites and the top 600 apps is measured, regardless of the device used.”