Mediaocean Launches Automated Media Buying Solution

mediaocean_logoSoftware provider Mediaocean has launched Prisma Avails, an automated guaranteed media buying solution, aimed at simplifying and enhancing the digital ad campaign process for both buyers and suppliers.

Prisma is designed to provide agencies with a complete solution for managing an entire campaign lifecycle, from researching and planning to measuring effectiveness. Mediaocean supports over 80,000 users across its system and conducts 7m transactions daily across all media channels. The new Avails features integrates another layer of campaign management efficiency and control to Prisma.

Following a successful beta period where the solution was tested by numerous agency clients, it is being made available to digital media buyers throughout the US, who will be able to purchase inventory from Mediaoceans direct publisher and SSP partnerships, including AOL, OpenX, PubMatic and Yahoo.

“All the industry chatter around automated guaranteed does not reflect the true state of the industry,” said Manu Warikoo, senior vice president of product and platforms at Mediaocean. “Until today, it hadnt achieved its potential, largely due to lack of agency buyers participating. Mediaocean has developed the first platform that lets agencies tap into the big publishers they care about most, and makes programmatic buying a part of their daily workflow, rather than something extraordinary.”

“Prisma Avails is like the Amazon for digital media buying, one-stop shopping gets you instant inventory access without the ongoing hassle of confirmations and negotiations,” said Anush Prabhu, chief channel planning & investment officer for Deutsch NY. “We are always looking for ways to improve workflow so our planners can allocate their time for tasks such as research, strategy and optimisation. We are excited about how Prisma Avails takes automation of premium inventory to a new level.”