Medio Powers t-zones Mobile Search

Medio Systems has announced that T-Mobile International has selected its mobile search technology to drive the launch of a new mobile search service to its European t-zones customers. The t-zones mobile content search solution, which will be available to all T-Mobiles t-zones customers in five European countries, has already been deployed in the UK, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. The service will be rolled out in the Czech Republic later this month. Mobile advertising is also included in the service as part of the agreement, and is expected to roll out internationally before the end of the year.   
Medio says that t-zones mobile search has been designed to overcome the physical constraints of the mobile screen by providing a simple, click-saving experience which returns relevant answers instead of links. Optimised to provide the best search experience possible on all handsets, the new t-zones mobile search allows customers to conduct searches for many types of information and mobile content from a single, easy-to-use search box on the t-zones portal.
The sophisticated analytics behind the t-zones mobile search solution provides subscribers with highly relevant answers and recommendations, says Medio. These cover multiple content types across a constantly evolving set of content areas, including music downloads, games, pictures, videos, news and information, and the mobile web.
The mobile web is poised for swift expansion and growth as the popularity of online search shifts to the handset, says Medio Systems CEO, Brian Lent. The ability to search intuitively on a mobile handset effectively changes the nature of search for the consumer forever, and opens up a new era of access to time-relevant or location-centric information for use in daily life. Using our search solution, T-Mobiles t-zones customers across Europe will be able to access a range of content types when and where they need it most. This signals the start of a trend that will eventually see mobile overtaking online as the preferred and most used search option.
Ingo Schneider, VP Mobile Internet for T-Mobile adds:
T-Mobile is very pleased to have Medio as a partner for mobile content search. Mobile Search plays an ever-increasing role in our customers use of the mobile web, particularly to drive the relevance and use of our large catalogue of mobile content offered on our t-zones portal.
T-Mobile is planning to support mobile advertising in form of sponsored links based on Medios mobile search advertising solution that is connected to the open advertising market place. Medios mobile advertising solution is based on the same analytics that drive the answers on the search platform. In addition, t-zones mobile content search will also learn individual subscriber preferences around recurrent search themes as a way to further simplify the mobile search experience and add value to the end user.