Meet Qualcomms Bonkers Bug Circus

We know the world is seeking alternative forms of energy, and the solar-powered phone is one idea that has great merit in emerging markets. But how about the bug-powered mobile? That’s what chip-maker Qualcomm has come up with in an entertaining, if slightly bonkers, promotion to demonstrate the energy efficiency of its new S4 Snapdragon chipsets.

If you’ve ever wondered what a praying mantis would look like on a unicycle, or a tarantula on a treadmill, or indeed how much energy they could generate, then Qualcomm’s Bug Circus promo is for you.

The video they have produced is quite entertaining, especially if you’re a fan of insect (as opposed to human) cannonball acts, and Qualcomm insists that: “This isn’t some 3D animation or cartoon…these are real bugs and actual power calculations at work.”

Watch for yourself and make your own mind up. Either way, it left us with two thoughts. One: we look forward to seeing what they come up with on April Fool’s day. And two: whatever they were drinking when they dreamed this one up, send some round here. 

You can see the video here.