Meetrics and SpotX partner for video audience verification and attention data

Video ad serving platform SpotX and ad vertification vendor Meetrics have announced they are teaming up to provide additional inventory verification and audience behaviour data for video advertisers around the globe.

The integration between the two adtech firms will make Meetrics’ data available in SpotX’s platform for publishers to report back to advertisers, increasing the depth of viewability, verification and audience behaviour data available. Meetrics specialises in ad attention measurement, using tracking data like viewability, viewtime and on-page behaviour to measure this crucial metric, as well as providing insights into brand safety, audience and fraud.

“Both SpotX and Meetrics are market leaders in fraud prevention and inventory verification,” said Anant Joshi, commercial director for UK & Ireland at Meetrics. “We’re pleased to partner with SpotX to provide the market with the newest, most advanced measures for minimising traffic of inferior quality and providing a consistent quality level for all customers.”

Meetric’s data will be available as a supplemental option on SpotX platform, alongside the firm’s existing panel of brand safety providers and proprietary brand safety technology. SpotX has been investing heavily in brand safety controls, strengthening its internal technology and partnering with third-party vendors like Meetrics, especially in the wake of brand safety concerns that swept the industry earlier this year.

“SpotX employs a variety of methods and technology to remove low-quality traffic and to ensure buyers are accessing high-quality, brand safe inventory,” said Nick Frizzell, senior director of brand safety and inventory operations at SpotX. “We provide our clients with an exhaustive, always-updating list of metrics and a controllable system for ensuring inventory quality and brand safety and eliminating fraud.

“The addition of Meetrics to our panel of brand safety vendors adds another reliable partner and new standards for maximising the data reporting and insights our publisher clients can provide to advertisers.”

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