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MEF: 80 Per Cent of Consumers Research Their Purchases on Mobile

Alex Spencer

55 per cent of mobile users currently buy products on their device, according to the MEF's annual Global Consumer Survey, carried out in partnership with On Device Research across 10 countries. 

Meanwhile, 80 per cent have researched their purchases on a mobile, up from 58 per cent in 2011 – and of that number, 69 per cent went on to make a purchase on the device.

The majority of mobile purchases are digital rather than physical products, but that's starting to change, with the number of consumers making physical purchases on their mobile rising from 24 per cent last year to 31 per cent.

“MEF’s 2012 report shows how far mobile has come as a channel for both consumer engagement and entertainment,” said MEF global chair Andrew Bud. “Across the world, mobile content and commerce is increasingly the most convenient way to discover, to choose and to buy. The data has profound implications for brands, retailers and financial institutions, as well as the content and entertainment industry. We cannot be complacent: the report also reveals that trust is still a significant barrier for consumers and the industry must collaboratively address that to sustain growth.” 

The most popular way of paying for mobile purchases is by card, at 27 per cent, overtaking direct-to-billing payments, at 14 per cent.