MEF Launches Unified Code Of Conduct For Brazil

The Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) has announced the launch of its Unified Code of Conduct for Brazil, setting guidelines for the content and promotion of all value added services (VAS) within the country, writes Martin Conway.

MEF intends the framework of the Unified Code, which has been pieced together by 18 MEF member companies over the past year, to offer a greater deal of transparency for VAS, and adoption by all parties in the value chain, including national regulator ANATEL.

Speaking yesterday at the launch of the Unified Code, held at the two-day MEF Americas 2010: Mobile Content & Commerce event in Miami, Rimma Perelmuter, MEF executive director, said: “We know from our previous experience in other territories that, without such a Code, significant consumer harm can occur, resulting in the industry shrinking. The Unified Code…sends a clear message that the industry is serious about ensuring the growth of services whilst safeguarding the consumer, making the Brazilian market one of the most lucrative and innovative.”

MEF’s long-term plan is to establish the Unified Code as a standard for Latin America (LatAm), which, in Q2 2010, became the world’s second largest market for volume of mobile connections, totalling more than 529m. Speaking exclusively to Mobile Marketing, Jorge Partidas, vice chairman for LatAm at MEF and CEO of Wau Movil, commented: “Because of the size of the market and the complex nature of many LatAm countries, it’s been difficult for regulators to keep track of what’s going on. We want to expand the industry as a whole, and we simply can’t do that if the regulators are picking up complaints” (for more information, don’t miss our ‘Focus on Latin America’ piece in the next print edition of Mobile Marketing, due out 8 December.

MEF has previously been responsible for helping to develop the UK Subscription Services code, and has provided regulatory assistance to markets across Southeast Asia, EMEA and N. America.