MEF Unveils mCommerce Whitepapers

The US chapter of MEF, the global community for mobile content and commerce, has released its Global mCommerce Whitepaper series. The series includes eight definitive guidelines on key areas such as payment models, privacy and taxation.

According to research conducted by MEF, 83 per cent of respondents use their mobile phone to research a product, with 69 per cent completing a purchase transaction using their mobile. Globally, 27 per cent of consumers would use mobile to make purchases more often if security was addressed.

“MEF North America is developing a practical mobile commerce framework that companies across the value chain can use to navigate an increasingly complex ecosystem,” says Gary Schwartz, CEO of Impact Mobile and chairman, MEF North America. “We are addressing regional concerns that include privacy and security and help promote consumer and merchant trust in the new channel. The resulting Whitepapers are practical hands-on guides for any company that is looking to monetize digital, virtual and physical content via the phone.”