MePlease Launches Social Media and Mobile Platform

MePlease has announced the launch of its social media and mobile platform, which enables businesses to connect with customers on their mobile, along with easy social media sharing.

PizzaExpress will be one of the first brands to among the first to use the service. The restaurant chain will be using MePlease to enable interactive customer voting during the final round of its ‘Create Your Pizza Challenge’, which has drawn 50,000 entries since the competition opened. Through on-table displays in every PizzaExpress location from 18 October to 14 November, customers will be prompted to text-in their vote for one of the five finalist pizzas they would like to see on the menu, using MePlease. Once customers text-in, they will also be able to post their vote directly to Facebook to encourage viral sharing via MePlease.

John Sullivan, director of group IT at Gondola Group, PizzaExpress’s parent company, says: “We really like that MePlease enables us to directly engage with our customers using their trusted one-to-one communication channel. Recently, over 10 per cent of our MePlease users texted in for a special lunch event at our Richmond restaurant. This response rate was very encouraging, and happened within 15 minutes of sending the initial call to action.”

MePlease’s mobile social platform makes any marketing campaign interactive, measurable and shareable. It can incorporate voting, competitions, customer feedback, location check-ins and the sending of treats and promotions.

MePlease also provides a seamless experience with social media, especially Facebook’s Open Graph, making it easy for anyone to share MePlease treats and invitations with friends. The company notes that users are in control of which companies they hear from, and how often they hear from them. MePlease works on any phone and can connect with any business or service. Current clients include PizzaExpress, Cineworld and Waxy O’Connors’ Pubs.