Mercedes Benz Dealer Embraces SMS

A Surrey Mercedes Benz dealership is using an SMS-management system from PageOne Communications to send messages to customers and staff. 

The flagship Mercedes Benz Brooklands dealership in Weybridge is using PageOnes Campaign Manager console to deploy interactive SMS-based Short Code and keyword campaigns. The company says that campaigns can be created in minutes using the web-based console. 

A secure online account allows users to configure key variables such as the campaign duration, choice of automated response type, and campaign keyword, in real time. 

The dealership has found that the systems enables ad-hoc marketing campaigns. Dealership manager Ian Straw says: “It has allowed us to simply target a key area of our customer base and our success rate has been approximately 50 per cent better than we expect on a mail-out, at a tenth of the cost.”

Campaign Manager is also being used to enhance customer service. Now when ordered parts come in, the customer receives a telephone call and a text message.

Straw says: “Its simply a great way of making sure that the right people get the right information at the right time. It generates a record for us, so we know a client has been contacted and also capitalises on the fact that a text message is highly likely to be promptly read.”

The Campaign Manager has also been used to streamline internal communications. The dealership now uses it to update the 65-strong after-sales care team, sending them daily texts that updates them on targets, performance, and key information. 

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