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Mercedes-Benz integrates TikTok in its latest E-Class model

David Murphy

Mercedes-Benz is integrating TikTok in the latest version of its E-Class car. TikTok content will be available to passengers in the car when it is either stationary or parked.

The car features two screens that run independently, so both the driver and passenger can log in to their own accounts and ‘For You’ feeds. Those without an account can browse as a guest and enjoy a selection of TikTok's top content that has received an extra layer of moderation.

TikTok will be available for download directly from the touch-activated home screen. People can then opt to browse as a guest without logging in or opt to login to their TikTok account to receive their tailored ‘For You’ feed. Users can like and comment on posts, and enable auto-scrolling.

"With our mobile app, we bring people little moments of joy throughout their day," said David Saidden, Director of Distribution Business Development at TikTok "As we aim to expand that experience for our users, we're excited to partner with Mercedes-Benz to introduce immersive in-car entertainment, which will give our community more opportunities to enjoy the content they love.

“Safety is at the centre of all our initiatives as a company, and our partnership with Mercedes-Benz is no exception. Through advanced technology, Mercedes-Benz ensures our community safely enjoys this offering. When the vehicle is in motion, image transmission is not activated, and usage of all entertainment apps is restricted on the centre display.”