Mercedez-Benz Launches Croove Car-sharing Scheme in Munich

Croove croppedMercedez-Benz has launched an app-driven car-sharing service called Croove in Munich. Croove is initially available for iOS, with an Android version to follow. The idea is that with most cars doing nothing for most of the day, the owner might as well make money by hiring the car out to other people when it’s not needed. Mercedez-Benz takes 30 per cent of the rental fee in commission.

To hire out a vehicle the owner sets up a profile with the details of the vehicle, including special equipment, and indicates a preferred price.  It can be any make of vehicle. The vehicle must be in good condition and no more than 15 years old, though speaking to Mobile Marketing this afternoon, Mercedez-Benz said it would make an exception for older cars, such as classics, that are in good condition.

Car hirers must be at least 21 years old with a valid driving licence. Once a hire has been agreed, the two parties arrange for the handover or, for an additional fee, for the car to be delivered to the hirer. Mercedez-Benz said it is planning a keyless solution that will allow the hirer to gain access to the vehicle using a PIN in the future.

At the end of the hire period, the owner and hirer carry out a joint inspection. A checklist in the app offers guidance on things to check for. Payment is made through the app, and for situations where the insurance policy on the car only covers named drivers or has other caveats, Croove offers additional insurance for the vehicle through Allianz that applies during the lease arrangement.

Croove is one of Mercedez-Benz’s CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services, Electric) projects. CASE is a stand-alone unit within the car maker created to bring products and services like Croove to market.