Messengers in a Mobile

Full service mobile agency Candyspace has created a mobile portal offering full retailing capabilities to support the launch of Momentum Pictures latest DVD, The Messengers.
The Messengers, the English-language debut from the Hong Kong directors responsible for the horror classic The Eye, tells the story of strange and murderous apparitions which visit a young brother and sister at a remote farm in North Dakota. As well as exclusive mobile content created by Candyspace from images, interviews and scenes from the hit film, the portal offers users the opportunity to pre order the DVD, via PayPal, directly from their mobile phone.
Successfully monetising campaigns is crucial for the mobile market to move to the next level, says Candyspace MD Tom Thorne. Our objective is to make the content appealing enough to want to own the film. Offering fans the opportunity to buy the product directly from the marketing portal is the next logical step.
The portal includes exclusive Messenger mobile screen savers, wallpaper, and alerts, as well as offering fans the chance to download Messenger Mosquito ringtones, special high frequency audio alerts that are unique to the campaign.
The mobile campaign is part of a major marketing initiative, planned and bought by Target Media, encompassing TV, outdoor and print adverts, all of which will include information to drive mobile phone users to the portal.
The DVD market is incredibly competitive says Momentum Pictures Product Manager, Adam Eldrett. By providing horror fans with an opportunity to buy when we know they are at their most engaged, we believe weve given The Messengers a hugely competitive advantage.
To access the portal, text Messengers to 80880.