Meta to build AI tec specifically for the European market

The parent company of Facebook, Meta Platforms, has announced it is developing new AI technology targeted specifically for Europe.

As a result, the new technology will incorporate regional linguistic, geographic, and cultural references.

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The technology giant will train its large language models (LLMs) using publicly shared content from users within the European Union on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Meanwhile, the company has also started utilising public posts from Facebook and Instagram to train aspects of its new Meta AI virtual assistant. However, it is deliberately excluding private posts shared only with family and friends to safeguard user privacy, complying with EU privacy laws.

In a statement, the company’s Global Engagement Director Stefano Fratta explained: “As Europe stands at the threshold of society’s next major technological evolution, some activists are advocating extreme approaches to data and AI. Let’s be clear: those positions don’t reflect European law, and they amount to an argument that Europeans shouldn’t have access to — or be properly served by — AI that the rest of the world has. We deeply disagree with that outcome.

“As one of the most influential regions in the world, Europe has the potential to be a competitive leader in AI innovation. But questions still remain: will Europeans have equal access to groundbreaking AI? Will AI experiences reflect our culture, humour and history? Or does Europe want to watch as the rest of the world benefits from truly innovative technology that builds community and drives growth?”

He added: “AI is the next frontier in innovation. We’re living in one of the most exciting technological moments in a generation, where breakthroughs are happening in front of our eyes and the possibilities are endless. And at Meta, we want Europeans to be part of it.”