Meta outlines changes to policies for ads targeting teenagers

Meta has outlined changes to the way it shows ads in its apps in order to keep them age-appropriate for teens. Meta had previously removed the ability for advertisers to target teens based on their interest and activities. From February, it will also remove gender as an option for advertisers to reach teens. Additionally, their engagement on Meta’s apps – such as following certain Instagram posts or Facebook pages – won’t inform the types of ads they see. This will leave age and location as the only data about a teen that Meta will use to show them ads

From March, teens will have more ways to manage the types of ads they see on Facebook and Instagram with Ad Topic Controls, expanding on what’s already available. Teens will be able to go to their Ad Preferences within Settings on both apps, and choose See Less or No Preference to further control the types of ads they see. Teens can continue to choose to hide any or all ads from a specific advertiser.

Meta has also added a new privacy page with more information for teens about the tools and privacy settings they can use across Meta’s technologies.