Metaio and Toywheel Launch AR Toy Competition

metaio may 2014Augmented Reality (AR) firm Metaio and Berlin development studio Toywheel have launched the first global AR development competition for toys and children’s games. The six-week competition will focus on the future of children’s entertainment, both in the toys themselves and how children will interact with digital media.

The competition is open to both developers and non-developers, including children, teenagers and parents with interesting ideas on the use of AR technology in the space. The companies say they welcome all ideas, from simple concepts to actual working demonstrations, along with detailed proposals for how they would be applied in real life situations. The competition is seeking ideas and concepts pertaining to children ages 6-12. A panel of “AR experts” will judge the awards.

The competition is split into two categories: The ‘AR Toymaker Award’ will be presented to the idea or project that best emphasizes and encourages interaction with children in the future. This award comes with €25,000 in prizes with and two tickets to the InsideAR, reality conference in Munich, from 29 – 30 October.

The second category is the ‘AR Junior Award’ for the best submission from a child or youth. This comes with a prize of an iPad and two tickets for the Inside AR conference.
There’s more information about the competition here.