metaio Unveils junaio AR App

Augmented reality  technology firm metaio has launched junaio, a free iPhone application that enables users to generate 3D augmented reality experiences on their iPhones. Users without an iPhone can edit and share 3D augmented reality images via the online junaio platform
junaio is a mobile and online platform that lets users create, explore and share information in a new way using augmented reality and location-based content. According to metaio, users can place 3D objects, Twitter messages or websites into the real world and then share their creations with friends through social networks. For example, a user could search for restaurants, cafes, museums, bars or shops via Google local search and see the results in a 360 live-view of the camera.
With junaio, metaio says it is putting the power of its augmented reality technology, which has been used, among others, by Volkswagen, LEGO and Popular Science, in the hands of everyday consumers. The worldwide film company Focus Features has partnered with junaio to place memorable characters from its hit animated movies 9 and Coraline on the platform to allow users to interact with the creations.
junaio is designed to tie existing platforms together with augmented reality- based social interactions. Users can insert an (animated) 3D object into a photo taken with their iPhone and upload it to Facebook, or augment images that others have posted. The technology will soon be available on other Smartphone platforms, including Android and Symbian.
junaio is the ultimate augmented reality experience, bringing the full creative power of the Internet to the world around you, says metaio CTO, Peter Meier. This application defines a new dimension in communication with features that can be easily used by the consumer audience to enhance individuals interactions in the social networking world.
You can see a video of junaio in action here. And check out how Lego is using the platform here.